Professional Bail Bondsman in Orange County – 714-714-4000

We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. We understand that this is a stressful time and cumbersome process to go through. We have developed a simple process to help you get bailed out of jail.

Bail Bonds Orange County

Whenever any of your loved one is incarcerated, in spite of being innocent, we can understand the stress, and trouble you experience. Your trouble becomes manifold when you are ignorant or clueless regarding what to do next and whose aid to seek in order to secure the quick release of your loved one.

We will call the police department for you and get the bail information which will include the bail amount and what the person was arrested for. There is no charge for this, this is absolutely free. We provide this information to help you to comprehend and analyse the situation so that you can decide how to proceed forward.

How Does it Work?

Orange County BondsmanWe will arrange to meet with you at your home, our office or the jail where the person is being held. If the person is being detained at a county jail, we will take the bond there for you at no extra charge. For premium payment, we accept personal checks, cash, wire transfers, Paypal, Western Union and all other major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Cards and the likes. If you can’t afford to pay full premium, you can call us to see if you qualify for any of our payment plans. We will work with you to determine your needs and your ability to pay back the loan, in a lump sum or affordable monthly payments. Generally, making a cash down payment will lower the monthly payments.

There are many kind of crimes for which culprits are nabbed by the Police Department on a daily basis. These include domestic violence, drug possession, burglary, shoplifting, sex crimes, warrants, probation violation, drunk driving etc. A person is innocent until he is declared guilty by the law. We are non judgemental and will treat you with respect and dignity, which you thoroughly deserve during this difficult time.

When you give us a call, you will be directly connected to our agents who are licensed, bonded and insured bail agents.

orange countyWe hold ourselves to high standards and this is pretty much evident in our business practices too. Many of our clients are very reputable and mostly attorneys feature among our clients, who appreciate their right to privacy, which we assure them. We are fist when it comes to professionalism, work ethics and and customer compliance. Our bail bond agents are adept and skilled, thoroughly professional in their approach with excellent customer service skills.

Our bail bond agents make sure that you are always satisfied and at ease when it comes to carrying out your responsibilities as the bail bond indemnitor. Our payment options are pretty flexible too. You can pay in cash or using any major credit card, as per your volition.

Quick, honest and confidential bail services – 365 days a year since 1995.

  • FREE Orange County Information
  • The Lowest Rates Possible
  • Free bail information from our agents
  • We can meet you at your location
  • Our agents are always open!
  • All major credit cards and PayPal accepted
  • Financing & Payment Plans (Including 0% Down OAC)
  • All of Orange County, All year round!

Call our 24/7 hotline: 714-714-4000. We have bondsman ready to take your call at any time.

We offer bail by fax and phone, it really does not get any easier! We provide: Traffic Bonds, Domestic Violence, Drug Bonds, Immigration bonds, Criminal, County, Federal & State Bonds.


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